Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Every time she closed her eyes

I've always wondered what fishes see in us, I secretly want to be a fish, particularly a piranha in afterlife. (SECRETLY hehe)

Fisheye pics from Cebu (yeah yeah yeah, the pictures never end) I brought like 3 cameras in one trip. One was my old yet super amazing digital camera, reason: at times when I get scared to take pictures with my big camera, I always bring this for convenience, also it's just small, it doesn't occupy that much space like the D-SLR, second was the big camera, DSLR, Canon, yes, because I like how Canon pictures are. When I was in the phase wherein I had to choose from a lot of brands of cameras, I got so confused with Nikon and Canon, I really researched their pictures, specs and all that techie stuff you had to know before purchasing a camera. But then, here we go, I chose Canon. Yes I know, it's all in the photographer's eye not with the camera, yes I believe on that saying, but I since you're spending already, choose the one that fits your personality and your taste in pictures. Last camera I brought was the Lomo (lomography) camera, the Fisheye 2, this was my first lomo cam and I love it so much, I always bring it with me to my adventures, I love putting the film and rewinding it then VOILA, the pictures are processed. You know the step by step process' always excites me. I like the old school way better than digital cameras nowadays, although I must say, the one who invented them made a pretty-good job on making our lives easier and faster not better because once you learned and tried the old school cameras with film, you'll fall in love with it. So thank you Lomography for modernized film cameras. :)

P.S. I got so inspired with Coldplay's PARADISE, so I got the album title from the song. Whenever I listen to this song,
I always think of dancing in the rain and just enjoying and living the moment. So yes, music heals together with life's adventures, perfect combo.

“In the end, the love you take is equal to the love you make.”

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