Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Under Southern Lights, the mood is right

First time in Cebu with my friend, Czarina
Alarmed at 4 am
My mother woke me up at 3:50 am (HAHA Thanks Mom)
Quickie shower 
We went there Saturday, Jan 14, 2012
Kaye and Vans, her boyfriend, picked us up at the airport, HOW SWEET, then went straight to the beach.

This was my first time to go to an island where there's no shore, HOW COOL, and it felt like we were in Korea cause we were overwhelmed by different kind of tourists, again, HOW COOL IS THAT (haha I love it), went swimming, tanning, snorkeling was the best part YET especially what happened to Liya (HAHA takot bai), awesome fishes, they were too friendly, friendlier than the people around (haha), you'll be the one who's going to be scared/chicken out when you see them underwater, again, HOW COOL IS THAT. 

Then night time, you know it. We ate at Dong Juan in Crossroads which reminded me of CubaoEx. (:D) I ate the loveliest burger I've ever tasted in my whole life (haha not over-reacting, well sort of) It's the best! They ate pasta which was  yummy too! Then after dinner, burned the burger I ate by dancing in Vudu and had "some" drinks, met new people, met scary people, saw good looking people and the like (DAMN WHAT A NIGHT).

Day 1 was pretty much a kick-ass day for everyone I encountered, (sober and a little drunk ;p) 

Day 2

Viva!! Pit Senyor :) Too excited for this one and prepared myself for this! What a new and fun experience, definitely going back and hopefully will stay more than 3 days! 

Everyone was wild, solid wild :)) 

We first watched the parade which was so heart-warming because you can see that they really prepared for it and iba ang performance level ! We ate lunch/merienda/early dinner in Kaye's relatives where the parade was held. Too much happiness! Took a lot of photos and saw a lot of unique and new stuff. Learned Bisaya ;) Ate cebu lechon because Kaye will get mad if I won't eat haha 
Went wild in Baseline! yehes, literally wild. and Red Horse tasted different in Cebu ha. :)) or it's all in the mind !! What a fun fun fun night! When we went home, we got so freakin' tired and the worst part of it was we had to take a bath 'cause of the sweat/beer/paint and all. 

Day 3/last day

Ila Puti for Lunch
Casa Verde for early Dinner
Shamrock for pasalubong
Sm Cebu
Ayala Center Cebu

So fun, so unforgettable, even wilder than Boracay haha! AND TO TOP IT ALL OFF, Super panic during night time cos it was traffic all over! and memorable taxi ride ever hahahaha right CZARINA :))

Daghang Salamat Kaye!  In bisaya: Gi Hi Gugma Ko Ang Cebu! ;)

P.S. I got the album title from Urbandub's song, CEBUANA. They're an OPM Band from Cebu, Philippines. Also, one of my favorite OPM bands :)

“In the end, the love you take is equal to the love you make.”

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