Friday, January 27, 2012

I'd rather be green than be blue

It was a bright and sunny Thirstday when I went to school again to get my business cards printed. Oh yes, I just went to Taft just because of the famous printing store next to my school. I could never replace them with any printing store in Manila. Check them out if you're in town and in need of good quality printing shop

 And it's just right next to my school, the SDA, so many memories, flashbacks, I miss school, I miss studying, I miss being stressed IN SCHOOL, missing the deadlines, the cafeteria which looks like you're in a exhibit and feels like everyone's watching your every move cause it's too bright and clean and white, I miss the sound rooms on 10th floor, I miss the library on 7th floor, Yes, I go to our library to get fresh air, to challenge my brain at times, to "research", my alone time in school and at times where you wait for your friends cause you were too early for school. I miss the 11th floor, the photography room, the developing room, I miss my subjects there, I miss how we spend lurking around in school, staring outside when it gets dark cause the view is irreplaceable, I miss all my professors (some cute ones, hihihi) who really tested my patience and some profs who made me believe that I can make it to the graduation. What else do I miss, yes, I miss the long breaks, the old University Mall (UM), when going to class drunk was way too cool for school, smelling funny when going to school, especially in the elevator. OHHH that elevator in SDA, that feeling when you're already late and you wait forever in the lobby because of the elevator, that slow elevator, yeah I miss that (haha). The stress that college brings which makes me think now, that I like that level of stress than the real-world stress plus pressure. I miss that moment wherein we had an exhibit in the whole floor of SDA, yeah that was memorable. Suddenly, we were all friends with the batchmates. THEE breaks in ministop, breaks in dorm's of friends, breaks in "Green Place" (frosh years), break in some other breaks, lastly, I miss my friends who were there, literally there, at times of breaking down, at times of so much hyperness, at times of drunken moments in school, friends that have been with you through and through college, whether good and bad memories, I will never, ever forget that. I've been around the area since 1997, I think, cause I spent my grade school and high school years next to CSB. I got tired of the area during college but now, I really miss going to school. If only, (what they all say) I could go back to college, I would probably be just how it was. I have no regrets in college, well maybe I have a thing or two, but nevertheless, everything made me a better (?) and quite a stronger person. YEEEES! I can't believe I'm saying this. Maybe just really scared of the real world but still excited about life in general. Whew! That was a pretty long list about everything I miss in SDA-College-School. And the list goes on. ;)

Went to University Mall (UM) for Cerealicious. With my ever so loyal friend, Czarina Salazar, check out her blog too I love Cerealicious! I've been craving for it since last week, when I was there too to visit a long time friend.

Then parted ways.

I was going to meet up with my friend, Amanda Lago to watch the Ateneo- La Salle: Rivalry, the musicale. Thanks babe! I got free passes 'cause I was with the media. (:D) So I rode the train to meet up with her in Ortigas station. I had a hard time riding the train because it was almost 6pm and you know what time it is, RUSH HOUR. The death of everyone. What was I thinking, but because I can do it, I stll managed and made it on time with my date. It was fun riding the train because I compare it to riding on a surf board (me-being-optimistic). Even if I'm alone on the first train ride, I don't feel alone cause I have my ipod and Manong-Guard next to me. I don't know but every time I ride the train, I feel so tired after, like-sooooo-tired. But what do you do, you just walk, line up, wait for the train, then if you're lucky, you can sit on the train, if not, be patient till you reach your station. But why is it so tiring?! Just a random thought. Then when I got to Ortigas Station, waited a bit for her and another friend.

When we got to Meralco Theatre, where the play was held, I saw one of my news anchor crushes, OH BOY. I was so happy, cause I really admire this guy even before when he was still in magazines like Candy magazine, (candy cuties haha). Yes, I was young. So, we got our tickets and coffee/food stubs (nice, free coffee and food, thanks Becky's Kitchen). Entered the hall, watched the play, laughed with it, even some of the "DAD'S" in the audience are making side-comments, "hirits", during the play. I must say and in all fairness, the musical scoring was amazing, the costumes, the blocking, the choreography, especially the actors were all good, 4 thumbs up including my toes. I am really into and interested in theatre plays so the actors voices were phenomenon, I really liked how they delivered it gracefully, felt like singing wasn't hard at all. I really liked their voices especially when the whole cast sang together, getting all that goosebumps. The play was basically about the "RIVALRY" between these schools, Ateneo and La Salle during 1968. How it all started, basically all about basketball, the NCAA and school spirits of each team. Also, they included, family relationships, love interest with a girl in an all-girls school, and at the end of the play... oh wait, check it our for yourselves. ;) 

We couldn't take photos during the play so here are some photos after the play, during the Q&A for the press. I really enjoyed the Q&A portion, because someone from the audience who was an Atenean and a "Lasallite" (they call it Lasallites during their time and now it became Lasallians during our time) discussed the attitudes of an Atenean, Lasallian and a U.P. Student. So now, I strongly believe on my observations. (haha) but at the end of the day, We're all the same. Everyone is going through the same thing, the stress, feelings that we experience, every damn day. It's always up to us how we carry ourselves all throughout our existence.

Amanda's Dad told us after the play, "There are only two schools in the Philippines.. U.P. and others." (haha inside-joke)

"Rivalry: Ateneo-La Salle the Musical" runs at the Meralco Theater from January 27 to 29, and February 5-8, 9-12, and 15-19, at 8 p.m. on Wednesdays to Fridays, and 3 p.m. and 8 p.m on Saturdays and Sundays. Tickets can be purchased from TicketWorld, or at the Meralco Theater."

Book and Directed by:  Jaime del Mundo, Music by: Ed Gatchalian, Lyrics by: Noel Trinidad

Check out this link, which my dear friend, Amanda wrote,

“In the end, the love you take is equal to the love you make.”

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