Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Look me in the eye

I am new at this! So since, this is my first post, I am going to introduce myself. (haha)

I graduated from college last July 2012, experienced being a bum, freelanced, tried working on an office (yeah, yeah that kind of experience, you know it) and now back to being a bum. I actually woke up one day realizing why don't I start a blog, I mean I could document everyyyyything I do while I'm alive and kicking. So here it goes, a start of something interesting and new also for 2012. :)

Some FACTS about me-self

  • Acarie Nicole Domingo Sadang
  • Aspiring Graphic Designer//Photographer
  • Born on February 08, 1990
  • She’s fascinated with owls
  • Obssessed with John Lennon
  • Hates animes, loves Japanese food
  • Obsessive compulsive
  • Addicted to holy kettle corn popcorn (available only here in the Philippines)
  • She is still learning new things everyday, well most of the time
  • Loves challenging herself to the extent of migraine (haha no kidding)
  • She gets her inspiration mostly from the people around her
  • And the “people” in the outerspace.
  • Feasible or not, she has a strong heart and
  • The power to embrace every impossibility and 
  • believes in the saying, “With God, nothing is IMPOSSIBLE.”

P.S. You could also check and follow me on tumblr: http://acariebombsaway.tumblr.com 
        Coroflot Account: http://coroflot.com/acarienicole
        JPG Mag Account: http://jpgmag.com/people/acarienicole
        Pinterest Account: http://pinterest.com/acarienicole

“In the end, the love you take is equal to the love you make.”

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