Monday, March 5, 2012

Malasimbo 2012

Bus Ride: Manila to Batangas Port: 166.50 pesos each
2-way Boat Ride(environmental fees included, etc.) to White Beach, Puerto Galera: more or less 500 pesos each
Epic tricycle and jeepney ride/price to Mt. Malasimbo: 70 pesos each

This is boat that brought us to White Beach. It's pretty safe and can accommodate like more or less 20 to 30 people. It's a long boat ride too like almost an hour, so you could nap or just watch the waves outside.

Manong, saving the day!

We got to Puerto Galera early morning at around 9am so we decided to hit the beach :)

Mandy and Val

Spotted this cutie at Mt. Malasimbo while waiting for some friends. 

Bought some bling for the ocean!

What a lovely view!

Best part of the trip... Hiking hahaha

One with nature. It was such a nice view on top of the mountain!

Hi Earl and Allan!

Mangyan Village

With Tracy and Mandy

Some of the performers: Paul Zialcita

My favorite: Brigada!

Joe Bataan

Also a favorite: Radioactive Sago Project

Being fangirls with Junior Kilat!

I love the idea of this one!
Cheers to the freakin' weekend :)

Malasimbo Arts and Festival started last year in Mt. Malasimbo, Puerto Galera, Philippines. It was a three-day festival, March 2-4. I was with a couple of friends and some were working/covering the event. All about music, arts, culture and all about appreciating nature together with music. With the breathtaking views, and inhaling fresh air while the performers serenade you, it's the best experience ever. How could you say no to nature?! Though I only stayed there for two days and only had one-day pass which was a Saturday cause I couldn't skip work (hehehe) but nevertheless, that one day was already enough. Definitely something to look forward to every year. 

Here's the website:

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