Thursday, March 1, 2012

Where is the love in this month?

My best college friend, Isabelle :) I really feel complete when I'm with her! 

My cousins! 

Crazy first weekend of February
My cousins and I went to Republiq in Resorts World Manila one Friday night. I really wanted to try my "beginner's luck" in the Casino but no one wanted to come with me, always. How weird. I have experienced that night when you had to drink first before going to your next destination, wherein your purpose is also to drink and maybe even get drunk. I slightly behaved that night because I didn't want to get really wasted and I know I would be drinking the next day too. ;)

It was my friend's birthday celebration in her house then drinks in Relik, Fort after. Then after that party, I had to go to Skye for my friend/s graduation party. CRAZY! CRAZY NIGHT! This was also the night, I accidentally lost phone. Can you imagine how crazy fun wild  that night was. But still, no regrets. Easier said than done! (haha) I didn't get the chance to take photos of my friend's graduation party justcause... ;)

Chili's in Greenbelt with Isabelle Chiang (semi birthday/date with her)

Cafe Breton for dessert! So, who's on a diet? ;)

Giant Isaw and Chicken Kebab at Mercato Centrale, Fort 

Recent Favorite in Mercato: Malunggay Quesadillas and Chips. Yes, I'm trying to live healthy. YOU got to try it! It's so yummy-nom-nom-nom!

Oh, look at the football field in BGC

I also found the trash bins in BGC very, very interesting! I want to bring it home!

The perks of having guy friends that you can ask the what if's, but's and all that jazz about Boys and life in general. HI, Marts!

One of my coolest friends in college. Heads up, Ciarra!

Recent favorite in Kitchen, Greenbelt 3 

Wabi Sabi in The Collective, Malugay Street, San Antonio Village, Makati City
I love the place, food, and staff!

Dumplings. By the way, please let's all stop eating the real Shark's Fins ;)

Warm, Cozy, Dope View

My Ramen!

So, we went to The Collective because there was a VDay event that night. Yeah, I was single and not ready to mingle, so I had to do something that night. My date was my girlfriend, Ciarra. No, we're not together. I am really into men, older ones too. (haha)

This was around The Collective. You got to check that place in Malugay, Makati! 

Are you tryna be cool, now, eh?

What a Valentine's 2012. I had fun watching live bands, which I've missed doing. So over all I really enjoyed my VDay this year. It was celebrating your independence, no pressure, no dates/hook-ups, no commitment. (hehehe)

To end the very graffiti inspired Vday, Check out Wingman's wallpaper. SO COOL! ;)

I had dinner with these 3 lovely ladies. I missed them so much and made me miss our moments in high school when we started talking about it. How we attended parties, how we're getting old, everyday, how we're becoming mature, every year, I hope! And basically, everything that we missed with/without each other. They were also one of my close friends way back in high school. It's really how you don't stop communicating with people who have touched and played a big part in your life. (Naks!) 

Dragged them to this event in Rockwell tent. Brasilipinas. 

Super fun event. I love the music, brazilians, free drinks even free smoochies?! (hehehe)

Are you ready for more love on March? Raise your toes if you're with me! ;)

 And this would have to be my birthday song (Float On- Modest Mouse). I have posted this before in my google+ account and I stated there that whenever I wanted to disappear, I always listen to this song.  You got to love this song. It's just a positive-boost whenever you're feeling uninspired in life.

 I have started to change. Maybe for better, for good, just changing some ways and definitely not aiming for the bad stuff around me. I would always want to focus on the NOW and all the positive vibes the universe has to offer me. Some of my friends asked me why I didn't celebrate my birthday this year, I answered one thing, it's because I don't have a budget for it anymore, yes, it's true. And frankly my dear/friends, you don't care whether I celebrate it or not 'cause this is my Life, focus on building yours. It's time to change. Prioritize and Decide on your own. You just read between the lines. No need to explain. Plain and Simple. Seize The Day 'cause we're not getting any younger at all. :)

“In the end, the love you take is equal to the love you make.”

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