Saturday, April 14, 2012

Cranberries in Manila

Upperbox B repreZent! (haha)
The disadvantage and advantage of bringing a digital camera to a concert, outcome: Very Poor Photographs. Well, well, well, better than none ;)

Drummerman threw away his top to the Patron audience

Manila loves youuuuu!

See, how early and excited we were.

Took pictures of ourselves first because the concert started so late!!!

Salvation was their last song.

I had A BLAST with these two girls! :) Perfect concertmates! haha

Favorite song from Cranberries (almost cried and goosebumps while Dolores belts out)

“In the end, the love you take is equal to the love you make.”

When you're lonely, click this one

These babies are the youngest in our family right now. Agree with me when I say that no matter how sad or worried you may be in this life, once you have a baby in your arms, inhaling their breath, witnessing their smile and their cute habits, you will right away shift your mood, like everything seems to be positive again. Am I right or am I right? Well, if you don't agree, well then it's up to you! All babies are cute/good looking/lovable/adorable, etc. :) I just can't resist to let the whole world know my point of view about babies especially the babies in my family!!! I love babies! I just can't wait to have 2 or 3 in the future. It's normal to think about babies, I think that should be the goal of everyone. It's a gift from Him! It's even a miracle, can you imagine a baby coming out from women?! I mean all the technical and scientific terms may apply but I couldn't imagine how creative and amazing the brains of Jesus! (hehehe) But right now, babies aren't my priority yet, there's still so much to learn everyday, for future reference and for my futureself  plus my family :)

Baby Andres Flores

Baby Audrey Domingo

Happy Easter from my family to yours! :)

I love my family :) Treasure yours for it is the best thing God gave us!

“In the end, the love you take is equal to the love you make.”

Escape at Tali

Because I missed using my Photoshop

Because I love staring at them green trees 

On our way to the beach! Hi Jenny! Hi Mandy!

Bits and Jinkay 

Wacky picture?

Good night drink 

Good night snack

Good Morning Universe, I'm going to give a warm hug :)

Mornings like these, away from the city!

Because the nature is our mother (hehehe)

Cause we ride! haha

Missed this girl ;)

Amanda Lago aka Holiday Winkle

Yours truly aka Jessica Gomes (hahaha)

Jenny Jacaria aka Jennyuh ;)

Jinkay Manimbo aka Geek in the Jinx (YUN LANG)

Day- off Pose!

My camera loves us!

One weekend, welcoming April, it's the start of summer time here in Philippines, Me and my friends decided to spend time with the beach in Tali, Batangas. Who would say no to nature, beach and fresh air?!

Ate breakfast/lunch/merienda (yes all in one) in Tagaytay then arrived Tali almost sunset, Ate dinner, Saw a shooting star, Wished/Hoped/Believed, Beach in the morning till late lunch then off we go. I always want to spend weekends like that. Total Happiness and Calmness. Also, Thank God for Summer time :)

“In the end, the love you take is equal to the love you make.”